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If you are reading this welcome to T.B. School, thanks to God. It is his wisdom you can reserve out of the books. They will generate a new perspective to want to learn in a peaceful state and share it with all people.

Thank you for your interest. It is the hopes of Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries that you find a useful tool to be known as a book to give you more life in your life.

The proprietor of Edwin’s Restaurant has given his permission to have a book signing at the new location at 13101 Buckeye Road. It will be held on May 17th and 18th (12:00-5:00 p.m.).  12% of all proceeds from this event will be put back into the community.

After all I have said in the website I have a need to inform the public I have a great task to raise enough funds to continue the work I am doing. I will not go into a lot of details but there is more work to do in order for me to reopen a new and better spiritual skills learning center. There has been intensive work done in preparation of the one or two-day fundraiser book sale /signing that will take place at the new butcher shop/restaurant on Buckeye Road. This will be the location for all participants that will help with the purchase of one or more of the books I have authored. The books can be ordered by going to the website to view the listing, placing an order by sending check or money order to post office box with list of requested books. Indicate if you would like a signed copy so it can be done ahead of time. This will allow for a smooth flow of customers without an overload on the establishment of Edwin’s. This can become a two-day event if there is enough orders and that will be a blessing. People can help by emailing what they want to be autographed on the book.

If we get enough book orders there can be a giveaway to the people at a free book drive. This could be possible if someone wants to pay it forward, they pay for a book (or books) and have it donated. Details of this can be received by request via email to tb.bthpm@gmail.com. It will be something that will enhance the opportunity for someone who is lost about how to help stop permanent harm to someone’s life, if they have no understanding of the fact that there is no return on this act. It will give them insight on how to stop continually contributing to Satan’s dieconomie and to help stop killing. The book will be given at no cost to gang members, robbers or anyone who carries a gun for no good reason at all or anyone who thinks they are bad, or a tough guy and a gun makes you tougher or you have authority over others.

This can become activism at its best. It could save more than one life!

To anyone who purchases, thank you beforehand:

There are several ways this event is being promoted: television, radio, social media, newspaper. If you are reading this, your word-of-mouth will be the best way to get this information out and your promotion can and will be appreciated.

I would hope you will be able to attend but you are not required to come to the affair at the butcher shop. You can have your book sent to you by mail unless you want to pick them up as a part of the meet and greet at the Edwin’s restaurant butcher shop establishment.

Thank you for your interest. It is the hope of Bound to Heaven Publishing/Ministries that you find a useful 

tool to be known as a book to give you more life in your life.

There will be a limited number of 500 free books given away of the two titles

You will have to pay the taxes as well as postage. There is a certain number of books that are to be purchased. After they are gone we will give you an update on them the books will be the ones that we are offering so you can receive one of the free books The catch 22 is you will have to spend at least $30.00 on the cost of books to receive a free copy of your choice. This is not limited to one order. If you want both free books, you can have them while supplies last.

These are the books to choose from not including postage, handling or taxes.

I have a limited number of books that are ready to go. They are titled as follows: Freedom From Satan's Zone; The New Added Protection for Teens and Young Adults at Risk, a home and Street safety program to help create God's intervention in their life; Time to Stop Living on the Edge; Time to Stop the Abuse, whether mental, physical, verbal or sexual, ending bullying in the abuse practices that some are falling prey to and committing on others; A Message from the Word, subtitled the church in the book; Why do Marriages and Relationships Fail; A Crown for Kings and Queens; Do Not Fear the Water, it talks about baptism; and A Gift For You, for anyone who has a new born child. To the New Wise Men; Little Mr. Fix-A-Thought; Save Yourself from Suicide; Time to Stop Living on the Edge; A Message from the Word, and more. Details about all of the books can be found on the website. The books help people get to a safe zone in life that helps protect them from themselves. It is the one thing lots of people are not prepared for.

These are the two books being offered free with at least a $30.00 purchase from the books above: Help to Stop Bullies Bullets or Why Do Black Men Harm Each Other More than Others?

The time for the meet and greet will be set up for the end of April 4th and 5th or April 12th and 13th. The date will be confirmed by March 27, 2019. The reason for this is to give people time to purchase book in order to be a participant of the pickup at the butcher shop/restaurant.

This will be the fundraising tool that will put things in place to get ahead and stay ahead.

The finances will go to help the continued operation of Bound to Heaven Ministries’ work. It has fallen on some trying times. It is a small in-house family operation that has no steady rate of revenue to help it become self-sustaining. The funding has been mainly out-of-pocket, paid for by me personally.

I am in a position where I can no longer afford to do this. This is why I am reaching out to the people to help him to keep doing what he feels is the will of the Lord in his writing. I have been a street Minister for years and have previously established a church/ministry and cultural youth center.

All of the books I write have one thing in common. They help guide people to an understanding of how to have the Lord’s will in their presence, to know, show and love others with. The Lord had 12 companions and they were his disciples. To know and show the will of the Lord is what they did, even though one stepped out of bounds. The others were to make the truth known as they preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The first three books I call the wise men

That is the common DNA of the books. The gift of expanding the way the Lord loves us and how he wants us to do as he did. We are his disciples so why not become disciple makers to help other people.

These are some of the new titles and synopsis of the books:

The first one is Help to Stop Bullies Bullets. The book comments on stopping Satan’s dieconomie where he uses people to harm and kill others or themselves. This gives a way out of darkness to see the loveoutame process of God’s love at work. The book is for anyone who thinks they want to kill someone or anyone who thinks they may kill someone or anyone who plots to kill anyone or anyone who is afraid of killing anyone or anyone who may do something they don’t want to do in the first place that feels out of control. It is 6 in. by 9 in. and has 152 pages.

The second book is The Biggest Collar. It shows a multitude of ways to Not get blindsided by Satan so he can’t keep a toehold on anyone. The book also gives the presence of who may be related to the author, being Alexander Hamilton. This book helps people become more patriotic. It can be a two in one statement of love that also helps pull the nation back together. It adds positive influence as one of the three new books on God’s best seller’s list! It shows how to get free to not be affected by the government post traumatic stress disorder. It is 6 in. by 9 in. and has 177 pages.

The third book is #Enough. It is a way to show anyone a way to keep themselves from harming another student, or adult, at any kind of learning institution, temples or houses of God. The information in this writing is like going to school to teach school with a “I am going to be about the loveoutame and know there is no room for hating of others in life.” That is what I feel I am doing at this stage in my life. It also teaches people how to become a hooded or unhooded saint disciple, which is a follow up to the sky chief disciple that is a part of the journey in the All Peoples Handbook (455 pages). It is 6 in. by 9 in. and has 234 pages.

The fourth book is Why Do Black Men Harm Each Other More than Others? The re-unification of black people is for any household with young adults in it who are in pain for whatever reason. All homes can use this like the Israelites needed lamb’s blood over the door of their homes because of Pharaoh’s decree of death to all of their first born. The lamb’s blood was the Lord’s protection to the home and know how the home becomes the heart. Now, replace the name Pharaoh with Satan. For anyone who may be living in a negative way that creates stress and/or anxiety. This book is for you, if you are on the highways and/or byways and you or someone you know can personally identify with any of the following: if you are happy or sad; only concerned about you; not being your brother’s keeper; a drop out of school; a gangster/thug; a drug dealer; in fellowship or not; a robber or thief; down and out; rich or poor; employed or unemployed; a gang member; or an addict or alcoholic. It is 6 in. by 9 in. and has 107 pages.

The family guide to love if there may be a missing piece to complete it!

The fifth book is The New Added Protection for the Development of Teens and Adults at Risk. A home and street safety plan to stop the pain and harm to family and others. God’s intervention can enlighten and protect you from darkness that may occur in your life. The rock solid state of action gives you the edge over those who do not think within the will of God. Hands will come together once you and God connect. He will put you in touch with the kind of people that will work hand and hand with you for kingdom building. There is not a house in America that has children of any age in it that shouldn’t have a copy of this book. It is 8.5 in. by 11 in. and 214 pages.

All of the books take you away from a bad place, or prevent you from going there and put you in a good place within you. There are also the sapphire blue blooded disciple presence that shows a way for you to become one in the book The Biggest Collar. This is the way up project in life. It is all based on principles to give you the help you may need for the trip to eternal life.

I hope you do not pass on this wisdom. Even the book The Silver Lining of the 45th President can help with the Government’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that is being caused by no. 45, and others. It shows how to get free to not be affected by the government post traumatic stress disorder.

There is one requirement. It is that you are not perfect to receive the full measure of wisdom you may be in need of. This may be a way of growth that is not quite understandable. It is when someone is selfless in a way that they think of others and help them. It lets the Lord have charge of their emotion so Satan can’t get them. It is a kind of self-protection.

There is not enough time in the rest of the next few years to go into the positive ways that people have made gain behind what I have written. It has affected and hopes to influence the government on a level of truth to help guide it in a better state of operation, along with bringing the country back together. The biggest challenge that has been set in stone is my heart is the loveoutame process to help as much as we can to this thing called Satan's dieconomie of killing and the harming of the innocent. Let it be told we all are innocent at one time in life. This is a tip of the iceberg of the ending of the mountain of madness to turn it into a molehill, with gladness.

The more we sell the more it will help us to have a better book giveaway. The target areas are initially the City of Cleveland and surrounding suburbs. If we can get the funding to do this and we can get it from different groups or organizations, we can have this major giveaway.

Today, come one; come all your help is needed

The work I will put into this will be a labor of love that can be a blessing to so many and also to the ministry. The online book buyers giveaway is open now. All you have to do is say you want to give away a certain book and pay for it and sent us an email to contact you about further information.

A part of the finances will go toward a billboard to be placed throughout the city along with other PR endeavors. This will show love and influence others to do the same. This will help end more of Satan’s dieconomie and increase the loveoutame flower.

I have to give thanks to the Lord for this new day. The goals and the mission is: 1. decrease the number of people being harmed from gun violence; 2. put positive affirmations throughout the city on all levels that talk about stopping gun violence; and 3. requiring people to become anti gun violence advocates outside of the norm.

It is a fact that it was that way to understand what I was writing and to help me with my reading. I say this because as an author with a limited education I had to put my pride aside to get the wisdom straight with myself I was blessed with at least enough to share.

I am not trying to knock people but if the truth hurts, use it to your advantage to turn pain into gain. It is the power of love working.

For God's sake pay someone if you feel you need to and don't be afraid or be too small to learn you may grow up more than you ever thought in ways you may not be able to think about right now.

So if I say to you, if you have to do like I did, make it happen!

Or just ask someone who may need to know what you may need to know that is in a book who can read. As a fair measure of love I am adding why do black man harm each other more than others to the list of the three wise man it is a fact it was to understand what I was writing.

Bullet bullies, bandit bullies: stop the craziness. It can get you a jail or hell sentence. Get the wisdom you need to help keep you and others safe.

The place I want to reopen

If any of these books above can be ordered first it would be a great way to kick off the book fair fundraiser. It will also help with the opening of a spiritual learning center at no cost to the public. I hope you can send money order or check to Post Office Box 605053, Cleveland, Ohio 44105.

The books are to help people who are in a walk toward a mess before they know it. The mess keeps getting bigger, and it has a way of helping people slip into quicksand. But they do not know it is. The books help them figure it out with a way out.

If you have never hit a bull’s eye, you have now.