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Bound to Heaven tries to cover a multitude of ways to disallow sin from taking over and controlling life. The general opinion of the books stands for ways to show someone how to teach themselves to become free from an issue or problem with common sense and moral values that spirituality can supply for them on a level using laymen terminology. They add insight for self-esteem to help make anyone feel pride and dignity as well as to motivate and excite someone to try to do for themselves and get help if needed.  

I may not be a perfect writer but I am consistent. I may not be on the New York best seller’s list but I believe I am on the Lord’s best seller’s list. Come one come all to this function at a junction in life. It may not be the greatest but the point will be made clear that the facts can help give answers to help with a problem on whatever level is needed. Buy a book or two to help stop the real crook, Satan. Then tell someone else to get some of this wisdom that is like manna falling from the Lord. This will help the love keep moving up in the hearts of the people who may be lacking it to add to the perspective.  

This is a true process of receiving nourishment for the soul. Godspeed to all.

The wisdom in the books unite people in their own prosperity so it becomes a self-love thing!

                                                          Understanding the Priceless Wealth of Spiritual Skills

(How to share a part of the real God account)

By Bro. Tracy E. Bush

About the author and his latest work

One goes with the other!  

The work I do helps to raise people to another level closer to heaven. It adds a new foundation to get more use out of anyone's time and energy. My goals are to increase kingdom building by adding more people on to God’s helping hand roster.

I have put together a host of live saving tools to help stop Satan’s dieconomie

I tried to give a clear view to help stop the government’s backsliding and lack of productivity and to help stop political wars.

My writing helps the layman stay on the same track with a well-educated intellectual person. Spiritual skills put people on a level of discipleship and that makes life better for all by making the world a safer place all over. This will help increase people's longevity and add to the freedom of change.

People have learned to become numb to their spiritual feelings. It gives them a way to allow them to escape to darkness and that harms people. That is why spiritual skills boot camp helps give a re-sensitizing part of the missing pieces that help with the understanding of the laws governing spiritual skills.

A few things to know: spiritual skills can help stop conscious and subconscious spiritual poverty, which may be the biggest crime of all time, then towerism which causes mental issues that leads to crime, homelessness and hunger, as well as other unhealthy things. The wisdom in this book can change mankind for the better.

These skills are like a gateway to help anyone find out what they may be in need of to make life better.

The God-given skills program helps find a plan to stop the demonic process from growing in people.

This plan helps stop Satan from bullying people into becoming different levels of bullies in the world.

These are some of the teachings being offered in the book Understanding the Priceless Wealth of Spiritual Skills, subtitled (How to share a part of the real God account)

We can now eliminate tunnel vision and break through the glass ceiling of moving forward without fear of understanding the truth that sets us free.

To have access to a priceless commodity on a spiritual level is truly a blessing.

Get the real estate you need in the spiritual presence of your airspace with the teachings.

We can see a better future if we are more connected in the spiritual realm of our life on a personal basis. Get the personal knowledge you need from the book.

Spiritual skills create a gateway to open up one's ability to step forth and claim victory without making the challenge a chore.

This wisdom aids in the pursuit of additional gateways that people need help getting out of to create more love and eliminate negativity.

This could be one of the greatest adventures in life a person can have with development of the understanding of spiritual skills. It is an endless avenue.

Learn more about how you can set up your own mind your mind sight ministry that can help you teach others how to see their way out of darkness.

For anyone who has not attended a worship service lately, this may be the ideal read for you. It will put you up to speed with the blessings you may need. Get a copy of the book that can help stop the crook from stealing your blessings  

Who wants to offer themselves a gift of healing and eternal wellness? Who wants to offer someone else a gift that can help spring them into eternal well-being?  

Give a gift that someone may be in need of that can help strengthen their belief in faith. This gift can create increase where someone's cup of righteousness will overflow with love and charity to be shared.

When you have spiritual skills, it helps stop you from committing a crime every time. It also stops you from committing sin and become your own best friend. It keeps the blessing is flowing smooth and easy day in and day out.

It's nice to know when your mind has no longer set aside any time for thinking about committing a crime.  

Spiritual skills is like you have learned to fire a shot around the world that is not heard but stops Satan from his wicked doings in your life.

What are spiritual skills? They are God's way to help you do the right thing. They free you from the blinding effects that negativity has over some people. There are numerous ways and how they work for you but most of all they give you an opportunity to be bound to heaven  

in a greater way that can’t be totally explained. You have to experience it yourself to understand it, once you have become learning about it. You also receive an indescribable feeling of magnificence within yourself that only the Lord can supply.

This spiritual skills learning plan is developed through God’s master plan for his announcing a better state of love between him and his children. It is also priceless and money cannot buy it.

There are some people who are spending millions of dollars to try to emulate, replicate or reproduce one of God's plans. They are counterfeit because all the money in the world cannot do that. God has made this gift available for the cost of the paper and ink. In no way does he want you to sell your soul to the devil for it. He paid the price already to keep you in the light not loving the darkness.

Never let the love of the Lord fall upon deaf ears. Clear the pathway to your spiritual wellness through the wisdom that is supplied that should be received with in your heart. It is the blood that we plead upon to understand how to receive our justice from the blood of the Lamb named Jesus.

Spiritual skills show you how to have more life to live and more life to love.  

There is no human way to give a complete synopsis on a book like this.  

If you don’t go to the house of the Lord the new books will be a good thing to read.

One of the hardest things I had to face is the fact that there are some people who can benefit from the hard work I put in but won’t. I will keep trying to reach them.                                  

There is a new way to help people know of Bro. Bush’s writings. There has been a newfound message developed by the Holy Spirit to help people know the truth about what is being shared. There is a new book titled, “A Beginning to Understanding the Priceless Wealth of Spiritual Skills,” (subtitled “How to Share a Part of the Real God Account”). This has been created to help people see ways to make life better immediately, regardless of what you know, what you’ve done, or where you’ve been. The cost of the book is $13.95. I thank you for your support with my faith and belief in knowing that together we can make a better world. This can be looked at as a new light that helps to lead people to a promised land, to know the love in their heart can be poured out in unlimited ways.

This is a real life saving tool created to help increase kingdom building within the Body of Christ through people developing discipleship. To get this experience is a fulfillment and rejuvenation of love as well as new ways to put faith in action.   With your investment you can help stop or at least decrease killing in our society. The answers within this book are just a part of the wisdom that is revealed, with about 10 other solutions to  modern day issues.  

Sincerely and with love to you from Bro. Tracy E. Bush


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